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Download the latest release here: PxTool
Actual version: (Win2k / XP only)
Please report errors to info@tilebase.de
What`s new in this version?
1.) Due to some changes in the latest drivers ( from 6.15.2004) the chipset identification was changed.
What is PxTool?
PxTool is a small information and configuration utility for the latest 3Dlabs Chipset,the P-series.Currently (june 2003) there are 3 different Chips on different cards:P9 (VP500 VPU and VP500Se) and P10 (VP700-900 VPU).
Is PxTool useful for me?
It depends on the software you are using: It doesen`t make much sense if you are working with 3D-/CAD-/Modelling Software such as 3DStudio,Maya,SoftImage or any other professional software.
My intention for PxTool was to be able to switch the 3 most important settings for games on the fly for quick game tests and benchmarking: Antialiasing,Anisotropic Filter and VSync. That`s what it currently does - more or less ;).
Will there be more features in future versions?
The current chipsets and drivers are not very appropriate for games. But this tool is prepared for the time when we`ll see some cards for desktop PCs with 3DLabs VPUs...
Due to the lack of information about the VPUs I have to find out all settings by investigating the drivers and to watch the behaviour of the cards with this non-official settings with several games and benchmarks. This is a slow process that doesn`t allow compiling a new version every week...so you have to be patient.
Now let`s have a look at PxTool:

This is the main windows of PxTool.
The basic information of your VPU is shown on a glimpse. You don`t have to switch between several menues or windows!
In addition you can see 6 dropdown lists which allows you to switch D3D and OGL settings - again without having to activate several sub menues.

When you click the 'sent to tray' button the program dissapears from the desktop and only the small Panther Icon resides in the system tray.A left mouse click on this Icon reanimates the program...
If you don`t have a 3Dlabs VPU installed the program starts in the 'View only mode'. That means that you are able to see chipset and driver information of the installed device (except Matrox cards - read the lates version info)but you will not be able to change the D3D and OpenGL settings: